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Xiaomi announces Mi Charge Turbo 30W wireless charging, Mi 9 Pro 5G first to get it

Xiaomi released the world’s fastest wireless charging technology earlier this year alongside the Xiaomi Mi 9. Today, the company takes that technology a step forward by announcing the new Mi Charge Turbo that promises up to 3OW of fast wireless charging. This is a significant announcement for the smartphone industry given that wireless charging technology has been often criticized for its slow charging speeds. With speeds up to 30W, Xiaomi’s Mi Charge Turbo is even faster than its 27W wired charging tech that’s usually bundled with its flagship smartphones.
Xiaomi claims that the Mi Charge Turbo can charge a 4000mAh battery wirelessly up to 50% in just 25 minutes and up to 100% in just 69 minutes. So you no longer have to endure the painfully slow charge times while topping up your smartphone wirelessly.
What’s more, the Mi Charge Turbo tech supports fast reverse wireless charging as well. The company said that it can charge accessories like smartwatches, headphones, and even other smartphones wirelessly. The technology can top up the iPhone Xs up to 20% while reverse charging in around 30 minutes. In comparison, Huawei P30 Pro could only charge the same phone up to 13%.
The company also talked about its wired charging technology. We have already heard about Xiaomi’s 100W Super Charge Turbo wired charging technology. It looks like we could see it on a smartphone really soon. But it’ll probably end up first on a Redmi flagship and not on the Mi 9 Pro 5G.
Xiaomi confirmed that the Mi Charge Turbo 30W wireless charging will be first available on its new 5G flagship called the Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G. This phone has been making rounds on the internet (often referred to as the Mi 9S 5G) for quite a while and we have already seen it on TENAA with a large 4000mAh battery. With the new 30W wireless charging tech on board, the phone will feature three types of fast charging technology: Fast wired charging, Fast wireless charging, and Fast reverse wireless charging.
It’s worth adding that Xiaomi probably won’t be the only smartphone manufacturer with a fast wireless charging solution. Huawei is also expected to release a 30W wireless charging technology in the coming months.

10/09/19    Çap et