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Microsoft advises Windows 7 users to buy Windows 10 Pro PCs

Microsoft has announced that it will no longer do security updates on Windows 7 starting tomorrow (14). Users of this operating system – which currently number nearly 440 million, as reported by Tech Radar – can migrate to Windows 10 Pro with a simple upgrade, but according to the company this is not the best strategy.
The developer advised users to buy new devices with the latest version of the OS, as upgrading to an older device could lead to serious incompatibilities with computer hardware and drives. The situation is even more critical when it comes to computers used for business, although the advice was directed to all users. Lack of support can create breaches for attackers and malware, making Windows 7 unsafe for anyone.
In addition, the Redmond giant’s lack of support could make computers incompatible with future components. "All PCs older than four years can cost more than you think. PCs older than four years are three times more likely to need repair, resulting in 128 hours of lost productivity – a cost of time and money." Microsoft argues.
However, it is not proven that computers over 4 years of use are less productive. It is then up to the user to decide what is the best alternative in this case: stay with the same machine and upgrade it, buy another one with Windows 10 or even join an alternate operating system.

14/01/20    Çap et