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Microsoft, McAfee form task force to tackle ransomware

Microsoft, McAfee and other tech companies, security firms and non-profits have formed a new group, called the ‘Ransomware Task Force’ (RTF) to tackle ransomware attacks.
The task force will assess technical solutions at varying levels of ransomware chain to provide protections during a ransomware attack.
It will identify loopholes in current solutions, commission expert papers, engage stakeholders and will create a roadmap to work together across industries to address the issues.
“The RTF’s founding members understand that ransomware is too large of a threat for any one entity to address, and have come together to provide clear recommendations for both public and private action that will significantly reduce the threat posed by this criminal enterprise,” Institute for Security and Technology, one of the founding members, said in a statement.
The initial founding members are a diverse team of experts from policy making group, security firms, network equipment vendor, non-profits, cyber insurance provider, think tank, threat intelligence, research group and a law firm.
The partners include Microsoft, McAfee, Aspen Digital, Citrix, The Cyber Threat Alliance, Cybereason, The CyberPeace Institute, The Cybersecurity Coalition, The Global Cyber Alliance, Institute for Security and Technology, Rapid7, Resilience, SecurityScorecard, Shadowserver Foundation, Stratigos Security, Team Cymru, Third Way, and UT Austin Stauss Center.
The Ransomware Task Force website will be launched in January 2021 with full membership and leadership roles.

24/12/20    Çap et