Representatives from ‘SIVECO’ company visit Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies

Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technologies, Elmir Valizade, has met with representatives of ‘SIVECO’ company, the main developer of software support in Romania. At the meeting deputy vice-president of ‘SIVECO’ Aleksandr Kosbuk said that tremendous amount of work had been done in the ICT sphere in Azerbaijan and this would have positive influence on everyday life of people.

A.Kosbuk said that the ‘SIVECO’ company, which had implemented a number of projects in Azerbaijan since 2007, was a largest developer of software support in the Eastern Europe. ‘We have country-wide experience in developing program software, and we have presented our programs to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of Romania.    

Some of these programs were specially developed for application in the spheres of agriculture, education and health.  There is an opportunity for Romania to establish mutual cooperation with Azerbaijan in various spheres, and in this way to strengthen relations with this country.   This cooperation can be formed based on the ‘Knowledge-Based Economy’ concept.

Through the ‘Knowledge-Based Economy’ concept mutual relations may be established between such state structures as the ministries of Communications, Internal Affairs and Public Health,’ A.Kosbuk told.  In his turn, Deputy Minister Elmir Valizade said that Azerbaijan attaches great importance to widening relations with Romania.    

 ‘The Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan Republic is currently conducting negotiations with another Romanian company called ‘MTI’. ‘SIVECO’ has already implemented several projects in Azerbaijan.

 These experience is very useful for developing cooperation between our states.
We are very interested in bringing new technologies to Azerbaijan.  Azerbaijan has adopted the ‘Open Door’ policy in this regard.  We are ready to cooperate with the friendly countries, which can provide Azerbaijan with modern technologies.  

Relations between Azerbaijan and Romania are also very friendly. So we are interested in strengthening cooperation with Romania. We consider that cooperation and sharing of experience between Azerbaijani and Romanian companies  will bring a lot of benefit to Azerbaijan,’ E.Valizade told.   Let’s note that the ‘SIVECO’ company, which employs 1,200 people, is a major coordinator in the region. 

The company implements various projects jointly with the European Commission. ‘SIVECO’ has been awarded more than 100 prizes for its activities.   The company is famous for its software programs employed in the oil, gas and nuclear  spheres.

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04 October 2022

03 10 2022