Number of companies ordering goods and services through Internet grows

There is a TV-set in all households in Azerbaijan. According to last year’s statistical figures there were 38 computers in every 100 families in Azerbaijan.  In general, 48% of the population uses computers.  This information was provided to ICTnews by the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

According to the committee, 53.7% of households had access to the Internet. There were 764,400 computers, including 608,100 (79,5%) desktop computers and 156,300 (20,5%) portable computers (notebooks), in households at the beginning of 2012.      

Last year, the number of the households with computers has grown from 30,3% to  38,0% in relation to the total number of households.  The number of computers for every 100 people has grown from 6,5 units to 8,4 units. 625,900 (81,9%) of existing computers belong to the households, which are located in urban areas. 58.1% of these computers are used by families living in Baku, 11,1% - in Nakhichevan, 10,2% - in Ganja and Gazakh, 6,9% - in Aran and the rest – in the other places. In 2011 48% of the population belonging to the 15-74 age group used computers.

 Over the last 3 months of 2011, 61,4% of the people who had computers used them almost every day, 32.1%  - used computers at least once a week, 3,6% - at least once a month, 2,9% - used it only once.  10,500 households were randomly selected for conducting study of the application of ICT in households. 26,500 members of households belonging to the 15-74 age group took part in the poll. 

The information gathered as a result of the poll was classified by regions. According to the results of the poll, the telephone communication,  one of  the main components of the ICT infrastructure, is used most of all by households in Azerbaijan.  There were 75 telephone sets for every 100 families in 2012 in the country.

 As to the rate of application of ICT in enterprises, 10,200 enterprises operating in Azerbaijan used computers in 2011.  Last year, the number of workers using computers in the operating enterprises grew from 15,8% to 18,7% in relation to the total number of workers.   The number of enterprises, which had access to the Internet, increased by 39,6%  in 2011. 

On average, every 3 enterprises had access to the Internet. The share of the workers, who worked in the enterprises having access to the Internet  and used the Internet services, constituted 10,3% in relation to the total number of workers in these enterprises.

The number of the enterprises, which ordered goods and services through the Internet, also increased in 2011.  According to the statistical data, an increase was also observed in educational institutions in Azerbaijan.

46,9% of computer users use computers at their homes, 19,7% - at educational institutions, 2,5 % - in somebody else's houses, and the rest – in other places. 40,4% of computer users belong to the 15-24 age group. Share of the computer users who belong to the 65-74 age group constitutes 0,1% in relation to the total number of computer users. 54,9% of computer users have secondary education, 13,3%  - incomplete higher education and 31,7% - higher education.

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