How many users does the Azerbaijani Wikipedia have?

The number of articles in the Azerbaijani section of Wikipedia (AzViki) has reached 102,356. To date, 104 thousand 459 people and 579 active members has been registered at AzViki.   

Active members are people who have worked in this section of Wikipedia during the last month. The section  is managed by 13 administrators.
According to information provided to "ICTnews" online news service by the Institute of Information Technologies of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), there have been observed an increase in the activity of users in the Azerbaijani section of Wikipedia during the recent period.   
"The systematic work carried out in the Azerbaijani section of Wikipedia is accompanied by an increase in users’ activity. As is known, encyclopedic articles are created in Wikipedia by volunteers.  For this reason, there is a need to increase the number of encyclopedia articles, which are based on scientific sources, in Wikipedia.
In general, the activity of wiki users is one of the main indicators of the efficient use of  modern information and communication technologies by Azerbaijani citizens and  the development of the information society in the country", the institute says. 

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13 April 2024

12 04 2024