Denmark to stop issuing cash from 2017

The national Bank of Denmark is planning to cease production of the Danish Krone, the national currency of the Kingdom, replacing its electronic crown, which, in the opinion of the authorities and the management of the Bank, will effectively save on the budget, tradeplace informed on the issue of banknotes and coins. The transition to electronic payments has a positive impact on the fight against the shadow monetary sector.
The government of the Kingdom decided to start withdrawing from circulation the cash, so I decided that next year the “printing press” of the National Bank of Denmark will be transferred to the Finnish mint. No, talk about instant seizure of “cash” from circulation is not, but the Danish government has developed a plan under which paper money and coins by 2030, completely out of circulation.
Financiers report that thanks to the policy of reducing cash payments for the past fifteen years of operation, with the printed currency has fallen significantly, from 83 to 30 percent. There are other successes: the turnover of shadow payments in the last four years has dropped from six billion to four billion small .
Denmark sets a good example — Norway and Sweden also wean their citizens to carry in his pocket a plump purse strings. The inhabitants of these countries universally have the ability to pay for any services using the card, cash is also accepted everywhere. However, among the European powers there are conservatives. The share of Italy accounts for nearly a quarter of the cash Euro.

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03 December 2022

02 12 2022