Motif – Blockchain Based Smartphone Launched In US

Blacture Ltd and mobile blockchain OS developer Zippie Ltd. have launched Motif, a blockchain technology based smartphone, which pays rewards in the form of points to its users. The points can be redeemed for cash. Pras Michel, a Gramm and Emmy award-winning entertainer and humanitarian made the announcement about the launch of the blockchain technology based smartphone at the University of Pittsburgh.
The blockchain technology based Motif runs a monetary incentive program, primarily intended to uplift the black community through economic empowerment.
Pras Michel, the founder of Blacture, says - “Everyone has a phone and I mean everyone. Bearing that in mind, we looked for the best technology to improve lives. That’s why we are launching this smartphone as it’s the first that’s designed with the Culture in mind. It’s the first phone that actually pays the user back.”
Motif phone is loaded with Zippie’s operating system. It enables users to reward for online purchases, offering products, sharing information, and services to the community. Rewards, which have a dollar value, get accumulated as tokens in the secure digital wallet. The tokens can be used for both online and offline transactions via the debit card which is provided with the phone. Notably, Zippie OS works along with Android OS. It can be remembered that Zippie, the utility token of the blockchain operating system, recently launched its own token ZIPT.
Antti Saarnio, founder, and CEO of Zippie explains - “Nowadays people make most of their daily online purchases with their smartphones, and their lifetime value as customers can be tenfold compared to the price they paid for the phone. Blockchain technology enables us to return part of that value to smartphone users, by making it easier for users to do direct payments and get rewarded with tokens. We’re really excited to be part of the Blacture movement and bring this new blockchain smartphone to life.”
Blacture smartphone, based on blockchain technology, is the first one to hit the US market and is being offered at a price of between $350 and $395. The 5.99” dual sim Android-based smartphone will be available in stores by this fall. Furthermore, the first 500,000 pre-registered buyers will receive $200 worth of preloaded bonus tokens in their digital wallet. By performing specific actions, users can redeem the tokens for cash.
The full HD screen Motif is built using a Qualcomm SD450 Octa Core processor and will have a 16megapixel camera, wireless charging capability, fingerprint sensor, and NFC capability. Additionally, the Blacture device comes with a preinstalled chat platform, dubbed as Black Emoji.

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