How the Internet of Things Will Change the World in 5 Years

Modern technologies continue to transform the world around us. Once upon a time, huge influence was exerted by computers and the Internet, then by smartphones. Today we are watching how the world includes drones, blockade and the Internet of things. Let us dwell on the last point and imagine how the Internet of things can change our world.
Unnoticed for many today comes a huge number of smart devices. According to forecasts of Business Insider, by 2023, 40 billion such devices will survive among consumers, business and government organizations. It’s not just about smart speakers and light bulbs. Smart devices are ready to join each segment of the market and will do it in five years.
– In the consumer market smart devices will continue to fill houses. Lamps, speakers and household appliances that will be controlled by wireless connection will be complemented by clothing and footwear.
– For organizations, smart devices will continue to play the role of automation. At the office and production will remain all the same devices, but they will become smarter and more independent, reducing the time to work with them.
– Governmental organizations by 2023 will be engaged in stimulating the development of intellectual cities. Smart security cameras, city lights and meters will make fighting crime and managing utility services easier. This area should attract a large amount of investment.
Today, unnoticed for us, the race begins between people and organizations that integrate the Internet of things into their lives. Smart appliances will not change our lives instantly. It will take five years for many of the things that are working now to become obsolete. Replaced they will already be on something new, corresponding to modern standards. Automation comes to our life, and while we wait, you can see other forecasts.

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13 April 2024

12 04 2024