Azerbaijani project to monitor disease via mobile phones

Azerbaijani scientists have developed technology to monitor the incubation period of cardiovascular disease by mobile phone.
The director of the Cybernetics Institute of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Telman Aliyev, said the institute had worked out theoretical principles for the monitoring of the incubation period for pathological processes in the cardiovascular system.
The monitoring is based on analysis of the sound of the heart and can be done via mobile telephones.
It should be possible to monitor disease incubation periods by mobile phone by the end of the year, Aliyev said. He said that talks had yet to be held with mobile operators on the project.
"First, we want to demonstrate this project. Foreign countries are also interested in this project. The UK, Spain and Poland have already offered collaboration. We can demonstrate it through mobile phones in October-November," Aliyev said. Telman Aliyev said the monitoring would not be diagnostic.
"The monitoring will only tell people with cardiovascular problems that the process is starting. A doctor will make the diagnosis. It will not replace the doctor," he said.
Telman Aliyev said the invention was based on the theory of noise analysis and technology for the monitoring of the incubation period. It has been confirmed with a Eurasian patent and the results published in prestigious journals.

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