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Date: 25/06/20 Sensor has been developed: it is attached to the skin and monitors health by analyzing sweat

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University have developed a sensor that monitors a person’s health by analyzing 

Date: 16/06/20 China takes another step towards uncrackable quantum communication

Uncrackable quantum communication is a step closer after Chinese researchers demonstrated a practical way

Date: 05/06/20 Fraudulent iOS VPN apps attempt to scam users

Digital security and privacy company Avast has issued a warning after it discovered three VPN Apps, available

Date: 02/06/20 New WhatsApp warning as this malicious hack strikes again: Here’s what you do

It’s the malicious WhatsApp hack that won’t go away—it works, it’s effective, and it enables a hacker to hijack your 

Date: 31/05/20 This critical Android bug allows malware to masquerade as legitimate apps

Researchers have discovered a serious flaw in the ubiquitous Android operating system that allows malware

Date: 21/05/20 Apple releases final iOS 13.5 with coronavirus exposure alert support

Following an unusual beta testing cycle that began in late March and continued with renumberings in late April,

Date: 15/05/20 Mandrake Android malware has been stealing data since 2016

A team of security researchers at Bitdefender Labs has uncovered details of a new piece of malware infecting 

Date: 12/05/20 Thunderbolt flaws affect millions of computers – even locking unattended devices won’t help

A Dutch researcher has detailed nine attack scenarios that work against all computers with Thunderbolt shipped

Date: 08/05/20 Samsung patches 0-click vulnerability impacting all smartphones sold since 2014

South Korean smartphone vendor Samsung released this week a security update to fix a critical vulnerability

Date: 08/05/20 Hackers google people: Millions still using sports team, hometown, band, or child names as passwords

A report from Kevin Lancaster, founder of cybersecurity company ID Agent, scoured two billion passwords on the Dark 

Date: 05/05/20 IDC predicts drop in IT spending in almost every industry in 2020 caused by COVID-19

While every industry will be affected by the global slowdown, some will reduce their IT spending more than others,

Date: 01/05/20 EU demands end to coronavirus cyberattacks

The European Union on Thursday accused unnamed parties of exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to launch

Date: 29/04/20 The latest report by Kenna Security disclosed that Windows 10 PC contains 14 weaponized vulnerabilities on average

The new report published by Kenna security, found that most devices have vulnerabilities whether they are using

Date: 28/04/20 These 28 popular antiviruses have critical security vulnerabilities

Antivirus programs are designed to protect our computers against online threats. What if, however, they themselves

Date: 23/04/20 Possible Android 10 flaw causes Google Pixel, other phones to randomly lock up

There might be a concerning issue hidden in the background of Android 10. Lately, more and more users have noticed 

16 July 2020

Well-known Forbes magazine writes about Azerbaijan’s first global virtual hackathon

The influential publication Forbes has published an article on its online version about Azerbaijan’s first global virtual hackathon 

AzInTelecom became first Azerbaijani company awarded Management System Certificate

AzInTelecom LLC under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies became the first Azerbaijani 

15 07 2020