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Date: 21/11/19 Following request from Electronic Security Service, app violating privacy rules removed from Google Play Store and App Store

The Electronic Security Service (ESS) under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies 

Date: 31/10/19 New ‘unremovable’ trojan infected over 45,000 Android devices in the past 6 months

Researchers at Symantec have spotted a new malware that hides on the infected devices and is capable of reinstalling 

Date: 29/10/19 New cyberattacks targeting sporting and anti-doping organizations

Today we’re sharing that the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center has recently tracked significant 

Date: 28/10/19 Raccoon malware scavenges 100,000+ devices to steal data

A new information stealer, dubbed Raccoon, is rapidly gaining popularity with cybercriminals. In just a few months, 

Date: 25/10/19 Kaspersky Security Day held as part of InnoWeek – Innovation Week

Kaspersky Security Day was held today as part of InnoWeek – Innovation Week.

Date: 18/10/19 Germanys cyber-security agency recommends Firefox as most secure browser

Firefox is the only browser that received top marks in a recent audit carried out by Germany's cyber-security

Date: 17/10/19 More than 100 million IoT attacks detected during H1 of 2019

Kaspersky honeypots detected 105 million attacks on IoT devices coming from 276,000 unique IP addresses

Date: 16/10/19 Adobe patches over 80 vulnerabilities in three products

Updates released by Adobe on Tuesday for its Acrobat and Reader, Experience Manager, and Download Manager

Date: 11/10/19 McAfee, IBM join forces for global open source cybersecurity initiative

IBM, McAfee and international consortium OASIS are coming together to offer the world a way to develop open

Date: 09/10/19 In the PDF files found critical vulnerability that turns them into “zombies”

The encryption system of the PDF files contains a critical vulnerability, according to German experts on cyber 

Date: 27/09/19 Voicemail as bait

“Recently, we have been tracking a large-scale spam campaign in which scammers send e-mails that appear to be voicemail notifications

Date: 26/09/19 Experts discovered a new way to hack account on Instagram

The experts at Naked Security, dealing with cyber security, discovered a new way of cheating on Instagram

Date: 26/09/19 DTrack: previously unknown spy-tool by Lazarus hits financial institutions and research centers

Kaspersky Global Research and Analysis Team have discovered a previously unknown spy tool

Date: 26/09/19 Apple warns of a critical security error in the new iOS 13

The American company Apple has warned on Wednesday that its iOS 13 and iPadOS operating systems 

Date: 25/09/19 Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps over privacy concerns

Facebook says it has reviewed millions of apps and suspended tens of thousands out of privacy concerns

06 December 2019

Tiflo- and surdo version of film “Speaking Letter” presented as part of Bakutel 2019

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies and the Public Association of the Visually

Russia 24 TV channel’s reportage about Bakutel 2019 also contains interview with President Ilham Aliyev

On December 5, Russia 24 TV channel broadcasted a reportage on the 25th Azerbaijan International Telecommunications, Innovations and High Technologies

05 12 2019