Goldenpay company starts selling card readers for online downloading of SMART-cards

By the end of the month the Goldenpay Company will start to sell card readers for online downloading of SMART-cards to pay for the use of gas, the company reported.

At present, tests of the software component of the project have been completed and work is underway to create a website where devices will be available in the open market. Orders of card readers will be also available on the hesab.az and goldenpay.az pages. The cost of devices is 30 manat. Two types of these devices (3310 SCR and ACR 38 models), which can also be used in the certification of documents with digital signature will be available for domestic users.

The devices allow a customer to download SMART-cards to pay for the use of gas on the Internet. Currently, in addition to Paypoint self-service terminals, downloading of SMART-cards is available in all banks of Azerbaijan. The official exchange rate is 0.786 AZN to $1 on April 16.

It also should be noted that GoldenPay company is in talks with international payment systems Visa International and MasterCard to launch services to repay bank loans through the Internet, according to the company.

The subject of the negotiations is reduction by payment systems in rates for this type of service, as the proposed rates are high, which, in turn, negatively affects the profitability of this service.

"The user, in addition to repayment of the loan, will have to pay an additional fee for this type of service. Currently two options are under consideration - either lowering the interest rate, or the definition of a single value for the service," the company said.

At the initial stage the service is planned to be launched in the network of Paypoint self-service terminals, where the user does not need to incur additional costs.

Through the Paypoint-terminal population will receive the opportunity to replenish the deposit and current accounts. Negotiations under this project are carried out with all banks and in the near future the service will be available in the network of self-service terminals.Also, through payment terminals service to repay fines for traffic violations will be available.

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22 April 2024

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