New version of ‘ALPLogo’ program to be soon launched in Azerbaijan

“Certain improvements have been made to “ALPLogo” program software, which was developed for informatics classes,” told “ICTnews” online news service the administrator of http://www.informatik.az/” website, honorary teacher Naida Isayeva. According to her, a new 2.1 version of “ALPLogo” program will soon be put at teachers and students’ disposal.

“Some additions were made to the program in order to make it consistent with informatics curriculum standards for the 6th grade. The new version offers wide opportunities for programming. The program allows to work with variables. It is also possible for users to enter a music editor to the program. With the introduction of new command options to the program, users will be able to use many additional functions and operations.”

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23 October 2016

22 10 2016

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